Minecraft 1.7.2


Hello and welcome to another Minecraft blog! In this blog I will be discussing Minecraft 1.7.2 and all of the new features in this update. If this is something you find interesting then keep on reading as I will surely try to give you some tips aswell as a download link at the bottom of this page.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that was originally created by the Swedish programmer Markus Peerson, also known as Notch, and is a game about breaking down and building with blocks. The game is almost like an online Lego world.

About Me

I’m a student from Chicago and I currently study Computer Technology. In my spare time I like to play games and do sports. If you wanna get in contact with me then make sure to post a comment on this blog and I’ll see if I can get back to you.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.7.2?

When it come’s to Minecraft there’s ALWAYS something to do. Build houses, explore dungeons, hunt creatures, do some PvP and much more.
In this update we find a lot of new features, and I mean a lot of them. Everything has just gotten bigger and better, while at the same time keeping that good old atmosphere that the original game had.


Below are some of the most notable and biggest changes to this Minecraft free download.

  • World Generation
    • Lots of new flowers, trees and blocks
    • There’s a brand new Aplified world option
    • Lots of ocean removed, added much more epicness
  • Blocks
    • Two types of wood added
    • Added Stained Glass
    • Added Red Sand, Podzol and Packed Ice
    • New flowers added including 2x size of the existing ones
    • Bigger size portals
  • Fishing
    • More types of fish
    • New fishing mechanics. Get treasure and junk, who doesn’t like junk?.
    • You can enchant the fishing rods
  • Maps
    • New frames for maps, put on walls. They are really big!
    • More colors for blocks!
    • Maps are less laggy…
  • Statistics and Achievement
    • Now world or server specific
    • Achievements will be announced in chat
      • Mouse over them for info
    • Added more achievements and statistics
    • You can now zoom in the achievement screen
  • Enhancements for Multiplayer
    • Add images to servers, place a 64×64 file called “server-icon.png” in your folder. This gets shown in the server list
    • You can now see who’s online by mousing over servers in the list!
    • Added some preparations in the code for the name changing feature, it will come in the future
  • Resource Packs
    • Use multiple resource packs!
    • Redo your sounds by over-writing the existing ones!
    • Servers can recommend resource packs to players!
  • Commands and Chat
    • Added more block and mob commands
    • New command block minecart!
    • New clickable achievement links
    • You can message players by clicking on their name in the chat
  • Technical Work!
    • New and redone multiplayer code
    • New and redone soundmanager
    • More graphic options has been added!
    • Basic shaders support testing added
    • Many bug fixes!

A lot of cool stuff right? Well you can get all of these new features by clicking the download button at the bottom of the page, throw me a like aswell!

Minecraft 1.7.2 Download

To get this Minecraft free play, click the download button below and get started with your new adventures!

Website Download
enterminecraft_logo download

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Final Words

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, but before you leave I would like to inform you a bit first. This blog, although including a free download, is not intended to promote illegal downloads. I’m simply offering it to you incase you cannot afford the real game or if you want to try it out first. Keep in mind that developers need money too, if we don’t support them then we won’t get new games. It’s as simple as that. Cheers!

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